Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Web Design

I love trying out new blog templates. I even have a blog that is meant solely for testing out the free templates I downloaded from the internet.

A few days ago I decided to use a new template for my health and beauty blog. This new template is Adsense friendly and I like the clean style as well as the ability for me to change the colors of the original template. I chose pink because I thought pink would be suitable for a blog that talks about health and beauty. Don't you think so?

However, I have one website (related to my home business) that is in dire need of a makeover. I did the design myself and because my knowledge of web design is minimal, the site does look a little pitiful.

A Web design blog that I just came across called Stylish Design has some really good tips with regards to the design of a web site. Three web designs basics that anyone with a site should consider are Contrast, Balance and Rhythm. Taking these basics into account, the word that best describes the design that I had come up with for my business website is "hodgepodge".

One of the posts on StylishDesign.com that I can identify with is called We are an Adsense addicted generation. Exactly! That was the main reason why I changed the template to my health blog! Not that I have made a lot of money from adsense, but I did receive my first check a few days ago! Woohoo!

I guess if anyone is trying to make some Adsense revenue from his site, content is as important as the web design, if not more. Check out StylishDesign.com for some tips and advice on web design and content.


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