Saturday, April 12, 2008

Derek Paravicini The Musical Genius

Have you heard of twenty-eight-year-old Derek Paravicini? I first heard of this amazing man on CBS' 60 Minutes program.

Derek is blind, and severely disabled. He can't tell his left hand from his right hand, doesn't know how to dress himself but when he plays the piano you will most certainly be astonished. His talent is so amazing and Lesley Stahl who interviewed Derek on the 60 Minutes program calls him a living iPod. Derek remembers and is able to play every song he has heard on the piano. He effortlessly plays the melody of any song with his left hand on the piano.

His talent is such that it makes you cry just to watch him play considering he has the intelligence of a three-year-old. He is what is called a savant, someone with one exceptional skill that is out of keeping with the rest of his other skills.

Here's the first of five clips called Derek Paravicini The Musical Genius. This documentary was made in 2006 when Derek was 26-years-old. Watch it and be amazed by his talent.


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