Friday, January 4, 2008

High Winds

It rained most of yesterday and last night the wind started kicking up. When I came awake before six this morning, the wind was really blowing!

Right now it is raining and very gusty. The tarp shed that Doug has in the backyard is completely without the tarp. The wind has completely blown off the tarp roof. All the trees that are in pots in our back porch are lying on their sides. The cover on the bar-be-cue grill has also been blown off.

We have a row of eucalyptus trees on one side of our property and they block the winds quite a bit but sometimes I worry that a couple of them might topple and hit the house. They will definitely hit the house and damage the roofs if they fall down.

There have been reports of trees and power lines down all over Sacramento because of the high winds. Driving in this high winds can be pretty hazardous because high profile trucks (big rigs) can get blown over on its sides. And also have to watch for falling trees on the roads. In the higher elevations, it is blizzard conditions there. People have been advised not to drive up the mountain roads because of the blizzard conditions and roads are usually closed during that kind of conditions.

I was watching our geese playing in the puddles of water in the front yard. It was so funny to watch them almost blown off their feet as they were standing around in the puddle! :-)

I decided to keep the kids home today. No point taking them to the day care because there could be a power outage, and I would have to go pick them up and bring them home. When there is a power outage, parents have to take their kids home. The lights in the house flickered a few times this morning, so there is a possibility of a power outage in our area.

You know what, I should have slept in this morning! A couple of hours of extra sleep would have done wonders to my mood! Haha.


Zawi said...

The weather seems to be getting real bad everywhere. Somewhere in America there was flooding gains due to broken levee.
I am happy to note that nothing untoward happened to you other than the blown tarp and the fallen flowers in pot.
It is wise to bring down those trees close to the house, otherwise prune them down to lower heights to reduce the possibility of them toppling over the house and cause damage not only to the house but also to your family.
Hope the weather will improve soon.

Akmal said...

That sounds real bad. Glad nothing bad happened to you.
Yep, I guess in that kind of situation, I'll take a few extra hours lazing on the bad, or read some complicated books to take away my senses.
You keep well.

Puteri said...


There was a levee break not far from here .. not heard the latest on that. There are a lot of levees in northern California, and when the big, big flood comes a lot of places will be badly flooded.

As long as the ground is not too soggy the eucalyptus trees are quite strong. No branches broke in the recent strong winds.

There has not been any strong winds since last Friday. :-)

U.Lee said...

Hello Puteri, ya, I've been reading about your strong winds there. Better make sure you have instant noodles, coffee, small gas burner to cook, flashlights etc in your home, incase.
But I guess you both being practical people suma pun ada.
I keep all emergency stuff in our storeroom including an axe to break down doors whatever. As well couple of bottles of water at stored in two rooms.
I always believe in being prepared, whether dating a woman or for other emergencies. Ha ha.
By the way, you mentioned trucks or big rigs, I love pickup trucks and would love to own either a Chevy Silverado or a Dodge Ram Hemi.
Here quite often we see gorgeous, orang puteh matured ladies in tight fitting jeans, high boots, one size too small t-shirts, and of course RayBan Aviator sunglasses driving pickups. Holy Smoke, with their long hair, they sure look adventurous, garang.
But I love those in Texas where they have a gun rack behind their heads, or a Texas Longhorn horns on their hoods. Way to go!
Americans sure ada style la!
You have a nice evening, Puteri, Lee.

Puteri said...


It was not too bad where we lived. We lived through the winds, and we didn't experience any outage, except for once and power came back on the next second. There were other places that were not as fortunate. Losing your power during the winter season can be pretty miserable!

Ya, I wished I had stayed in bed that morning! Hehe. The kids loved staying home and watching TV all day!

Puteri said...

Lee, we are quite prepared. Our bar-be-cue grill, still has it's gas tank quite full. Sure can cook using that! Our water is from a well, so if no power ... err, Doug says he can draw water from that well, don't know how but he says he knows how! We also have several 5 gallon bottles lying around.

As to food, we have enough to feed an army! Haha. Except maybe those in the freezer, maybe should put them outside where they'll keep a little longer in the cold! Haha.

Doug has a Ford truck, nothing as fancy as a Ram Hemi or a Silverado. I have never driven that truck. It is high, and long! Takut masuk longkang if I take a sharp turn!

Most important of all, we have lots of ammo, in case some desperadoes go on a rampage! Heheh.

Lee, I can see you driving a car with a Texas longhorn on the hood! Like Mr Big! Haha.

beachlover said...

Hope all of you are OK..I watch the news about Tornado in Midwest..For us,we just have cold weather nothing severe..I visit your cooking blog but it's turn to site..what happen??

Puteri said...


We are ok here. The outage did not affect our area. Some places have outages since Friday, still no power today. Today, also rained all day, and some wind. Potted plants fell over again.

My cooking site is still there. Maybe you keyed in the wrong url? It is Did you click on my link on my blog? Oii, better check if there is a typo there! :-)

Puteri said...

Haha, beachlover, no wonder you ended up at!! I had a typo on my link on my blog! Aiyo, didn't realize it until you told me about it today!

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