Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moving Things Around

Ok, I have decided to move things around a little bit. This is the third Puteri's Musings. One is on Blog*Spot, one on its own domain but located in a sub-directory which isn't the best of places, and this one on blogger platform but with its own custom domain.

All my blogs have been crawled and indexed by google except for the one located in the sub-directory of a hosted domain. Google is having trouble locating the files on! That is pretty frustrating! I cannot put that blog on the top level domain because there is already one Wordpress installation on the top level domain. I did not want the first blog to be connected with Puteri's Musings 2 and that is why the second Wordpress was installed in a sub-directory. In that position, my google page ranking for Puteri's Musings 2 will never go beyond 1 or beyond low.

I don't think I can find a better solution for the problem other than start another blog without having to pay for additional hosting. Registering a domain name and having it point to my Blog*Spot account is the cheapest way to go about it. Now that I know how to go about using a custom domain for Blog*Spot from my other blog's experience, Health and Beauty Notes, due to the excellent tutorial by, I decided to just go with the custom domain for Puteri's Musings 3. The only downside with Blog*Spot is that when it goes on maintenance, there's not much you can do but wait around for it to come back online. The good thing is that the down time is usually not very long and bloggers are usually warned in advance.

So far this blogger hosted blog is working for me.


Blog Bloke said...

Glad to see that it worked for you Puteri.

Cheers and happy blogging.


Puteri said...

Thanks blog bloke! Your tutorial but invaluable!

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